CVC Nigeria E - Governance Platform

"For the radical transformation of our dear organization, we must take proactive measures that aligns with global best practices. This makes the Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities E-office and E-Management Platform an imperative."

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About CVC Nigeria E-Governance

THE COMMITTEE OF VICE-CHANCELLORS OF NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES E-OFFICE and E-MANAGEMENT PLATFORM aims to deliver technology-aided administrative, office procedures and management processes that effects digital inclusion and help the organisation achieve its vision of synchronizing all operations leveraging on technology. The e-Office and Management platform seeks to integrate the entire organisation's operations and its workforce through the use of a seamless channel to interact and cooperate. The main output of the project will be an e-Office and e-Management multichannel platform that optimizes collaborative administration and other office procedures among the arms and officials of the organisation, with each member bodies, groups and institutions having their own access and privileges. The e-Office and e-Management platform will integrate this information and provide our work-force with a channel to interact and cooperate.